Robert Seabeck (American, b. 1945) is a Wyoming native whose art career began at age 12 and he has been dev eloping his artistic talents ever since with his dedication and perseverance. He received a Bachelors of Fine Arts at California State College, Long Beach and a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Wyoming.

The intense skies, bright, clear colors and wide, open spaces of Wyoming have born their mark on his painting. Bob is truly an artist for whom created works of all kinds are totally within his realm. He rises to the painter's challenge - to transform qualities into images - and he does it masterfully. He has done commissions of almost every subject from the domestic to the wild. Still-life, wildlife and night life...none have escaped Seabeck's scrutiny. He is accomplished in many media and expressions as well: oil, acrylic, pencil, paintings, etchings, monotypes and sculpture.

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