I discovered painting on a warm evening in a woods in northern California. I was about seven years old. A group of painters had arranged their easels randomly among the enormous oaks, sycamores and elms. As I approached, one or two of them looked at me and smiled. No one spoke as I wandered about, peering at their canvasses. I kept a respectful distance and made as little noise as possible. The strange smells of turpentine and paint were exotic and a little dizzying. These people were clearly passionate about their work; meditative and completely engrossed. No need to talk...we were all excitedly alert to every magical nuance of the quiet forest twilight. That happened forty years ago but the exquisite focus those painters held is a familiar state of mind for most painters. One of my greateset pleasures in painting is the knowledge that this "spirit" connects painters the world over and throughout the centuries. It connects us as interpreters of what nature lets us see and feel.

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