Hollis R. Williford (1940-2007) was born in the hill country of north central Texas, offspring of people who farmed the sandy land of the Brazos River. After graduating from high school near Dallas, he spent the next three years at the University of Texas at Arlington working his way through with an arts major and English minor. In 1962, he became head of household for his mother, brother and sisters and was forced to drop out of full-time enrollment. After taking employment in the aerospace industry in the Dallas area as a technical illustrator and graphic artist, he continued his education as a night student at North Texas State University. This specialization in technical art ended in 1968 when he was able to return as a full-time student at The Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1970. Hollis remained in the Los Angeles area for a year after graduation and enjoyed a successful career as a free lance illustrator. However, the need for freedom of

Hollis Williford
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"Welcome Sundown II" "Chasing Rainbows" "Bull Durham" "Prairie Wolf" "Need to Know II" "Snake Brothers" "The Osage" "Sundowner"
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