Richard D. Wieth (b. 1967) - I would like everyone who looks at my paintings to know for a moment the simple beauty of the simple things in life. I think that all too often people get caught up in details and fail to appreciate the enjoyment of simplicity. I do not attempt to paint photographically (although that is sometimes the result). I paint with an impressionistic style that I believe lends itself to adding mystery and expression. I think that art is true self-expression, each brush stroke or lack of brush stroke conveys emotion and self-expression. I put a lot of faith in the viewer that they will be able to piece together the mystery, without spelling out every detail. This interaction will help the viewer enjoy the moment of time that I am creating. I would love it if people could see the simplicity of still lifes in their everyday environment or the deeper beauty of their pets, or the strangers on our streets. All of these subjects in their moments of simple beauty, I feel, must be rendered.


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"Yellow Roses & Red Apple" "Onion Bulbs" "City Light" "Sunny Aspens" "Citrus Night" "Afternoon Snack"
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